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Welcome, it’s good to see you here. We prepared this page for your reading pleasure.

My name is Eren. I’m 36 and I’ve spent a significant portion of my life to learn about business, human behavior, purchasing motivators, persuasion, storytelling, decision making, communication, and marketing strategies. Here’s the summary of what I’ve done so far.

  • 1982: I was born.
  • 2005 – 2011: Trainee & Freelancer; Sales, marketing, strategical planning, copywriting, photography, production & post-production, voice-over; For some brands you may have heard of
  • 2011-: Founder; Adcraft – Eren Diril Advertising & Consulting Services; Clientel: SMBs & Entrepreneurs
  • 2014 -2015: Co-founder; Smart-home business
  • 2015-: Speaker & Trainer; EU Projects, top universities in the country, Chamber of Commerce, Remax, and more
  • 2016 – 2018: Blogger;
  • 2017 – 2018: Co-founder; Jewelry e-commerce website
  • 2018-: Strategic Management Consultant; Local SMBs
  • Today: Welcoming the next chapter of my life.

Recently, I wanted to see the world and I quit everything I do to chase my dreams. While I’m writing this, I’m on the process of giving away most of the stuff I own in Istanbul and packing a bag of essentials to continue my business operations in London. And on this blog, I’m documenting my thoughts, telling my story and sharing everything I know about business for free.

You probably subscribed to a lot of newsletters at this point. But if you consider doing that again, I appreciate it if you subscribe to mine. I don’t have any automatized emails to trigger a sales funnel for a course. There’s no shame in that. It’s just not me. I like writing and I try to write every day. It adds up quickly when you do that and it’s a lot to follow. I believe a weekly newsletter is ideal to keep up with it.

Now, let’s look at the main parts of the website in alphabetical order:


A chronological view of all the posts in all of the categories. The collective memory of this place. View the posts from here.

dirilliant journal

Dirilliant Daily Drill

My personal, daily journal. The only part of this world where you cannot comment.

Here’s how it works:

  • I specifically designed the notebook above from recycled craft paper to write a journal.
  • Now, I either use my phone if I’m on the go or use my journal to write every single day -okay, I skipped one day so far.
  • Then, a few weeks later when it becomes alien to me, I copy it in here, write a headline and find a beautiful image to support the text.
  • We publish it after 24 days later.

Read the DDD from here.

Hire Me

This service is for people who want customized advice for their business decisions instead of general knowledge.

Having the opportunities to learn from 20+ years of depression and constant physical pain, losing the ability to walk then learning again, experiences of not having the means to eat a decent meal or drink a glass of clean water, hundreds of books, thousands of articles and blog posts, thousands of minutes of video content, hands-on experience on establishing a few businesses, failing in some, and shining bright again as if the sun is taking sabbatical is distilled for your questions for an hour.

View more information here.

Make More Money

This section is for people who want to read about business, leadership, marketing and time management.


I have been writing for a long time. At one point, my short stories opened the door and the scholarship to the advertising design master program. I wrote for TV ads, speeches, prints, website content, and so on. Although all of them were in Turkish, I like the act of writing.

And I love quotes. I see quotes as the most practical way of learning from someone.

To tell you the truth, I write quotes and occasionally the thoughts behind it for myself. However, you are more than welcomed to read them here.

Recently, we created an Instagram account and we are sharing the quotes from that account daily.


A list of services that you may need for your business operations -regardless of the sector you operate. We’ve been using almost all of them and I personally researched extensively for the few others.

Check out the resources page here.

Those were the main parts of the website. If you need to know more about me and the meaning of the blog’s name, you can find it here.