Daily Drill #29 – Thoughts balanced

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Monday, July 29th, 2019
11:58 pm, İstanbul

If Youtube continues to show that many ads while average video duration is that short, they are going to be out of business very soon.

But hey, how can I know? I’m just a guy that has no corporate experience -apparently, that means not worthy to listen in the eyes of the corporate world.

The funny thing is some time in the future -if I stop being a pussy and build my businesses on my own business principles- they will come one by one and want to pay me a lot of money.

But first, I need to do something about my health. Something is wrong, I can feel it.

How to structure it in English….

Nevermind. All illness is caused by stress. Well… kind of. It’s a balancing situation. How can I balance my energies, then? Maybe I can start by balancing my thoughts.

Let’s do it now. I need to do it now.

00:08 am, June 30th

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