Daily Drill #27 – Hypocrisy

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Sunday, July 28th, 2019
Circa 00:30 am, Istanbul

When you shave your hair & go bald, after some time it comes back. But if it comes back less than what it used to be, you feel hopeless & sad. Because of the realization of losing something that you used to have, and also realizing that it’s not coming back and you have nothing to do about it.

Of course, you can consider hair implant(?) and/or some ancient ways to bring them back but it’s something like artificial, not natural.

Perhaps explaining, or better, defining what is natural and what is artificial will be helpful here but maybe another time. I don’t feel that I have the necessary brainpower to do that.

As Poincaré once said; “to learn is to discover” (Were those his exact words?) I seem to learn everything after the self-discovery process. Discovering by writing in its simplest then rebuilding it or discovery by experience; those things seem to work for me so far.

What is wrong with me that I approach this blog thing as “helping people and make money along the way” rather than a “business”? What is it that makes me think that it cannot be a business -with a defined outcome in a time frame?

If I were approaching it as a business, I would make a lot of money which also means that I could serve more people. Or will I? Maybe it’s that the probability of hypocrisy that holds me back.

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