Daily Drill #26 – More power to you

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Saturday, July 27th, 2019
01:20 am, Istanbul

The only important thing about business is producing results that are beneficial for people, especially for the ones who are not the owners of the company.

That’s why most of the companies of today should & will be out of business in the long run.

If you want to understand what a man is made of, give him a means of power: Attention, money, time, and so on.

It’s also the same for companies.

Give them your hard-earned salary and watch them what they are doing with it. Are they poisoning you, or healing you? Do they celebrating life or destroying life? Do they heal the environment or make the children cry?

In the civilization we built so far; it’s nearly impossible to move without harming someone or something else.

Thus, what matters is being conscious, having good intentions and doing much more good than harm.

Would I ever be lucky enough to live in times where people appreciate the sign of power, respect and “alpha” if you will, is not luxury items but taking care of others while leading the way?

Because last time I check, it was like that in all animals but human beings.

01:39 am.

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