Daily Drill #24 – Wonder World, Fire and Tyranny

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Wednesday, July 24th, 2019
11:45 pm

7 minutes ago I took my Earl Gray and went to the balcony to write this day’s journal thinking about:

“Pain or suffering must be a catalyzer for improvement.

Then I realized that sometimes some people wonder some random thing for some reason and start to work on it. The more work they put in, the more they wonder. It may become pain eventually. Pain to not reaching the answer they seek. And that may also lead to improvements. But why would anyone wonder something in the first place?”

A strong smell woke me up from my thoughts. I looked at the road and saw a heavy smell. I wondered where it was coming from. I headed to the road followed the smoke. 5 teens were coming from the park suspiciously. I stared at them. All of them bowed or turned their heads not to come to eye to eye with me for some reason. Although I thought that they were the ones who created the fire I said nothing. I might be wrong. And the fire was more important than that. Also, when you shave your head entirely and have a big beard, people sometimes turn their eyes away.

Nonetheless, I walked to the park. I saw the fire in the middle of the park floor where there’s no tree but only stones. It was a relief. They have burned cardboards and other stuff. Desire to light a fire may be a legacy from our ancestors. It’s fine as long as you don’t harm any living thing. Yes, trees included.

I put out the fire. A young man was walking in the park. From his body language, I understood that he thought that I was the one who started it. He greeted politely to start a conversation while already having another one with his girlfriend on the phone. He asked me what is it I’m burning. I told him the situation and he started to help me.

Then we thanked each other and said goodbye. I heard him saying to his girlfriend that he just saved the world. I smiled while I was walking to my home.

I was wondering why would anyone wonder something without realizing that at the moment I ask this question to myself, I was also wondering. Then I wondered the smoke.

Wondering about the smoke was out of fear: What if someplace is burning and (first) I (and then) other people might get hurt? The fear of survival.

Wondering about “the reasons for wondering” was the need to understand things and/or life around self. The need for understanding comes from a mixture of the need for happiness(more like eudaimonia) and survival at first sight. But when you dig deep it completely goes to survival as well.

I’m sure there are thousands of people who have a license to explain those things and I’m certain that they can explain/already explained those things much better than me. Maybe I should read them, or maybe just focus on my Earl Gray after a long day which I was accused unfairly from a former client who didn’t pay the amount he owed for the consultancy service I delivered 6 months ago. He claimed that I didn’t do my job. His measure -with his exact words- was “you couldn’t change my mind to do or not to do some actions that might prevent any loss or make any profit. That’s why I haven’t been/don’t want to pay all of my debt to you. I came in peace and don’t want to fight. How can we work this out?

We don’t, my dear friend. We don’t. People love to use fancy words while talking about their job. I’m a simple man. I like to break down things to it’s smaller elements and build from there:

A consultant’s job is NOT to change your mind.

It is a) to listen and understand the problem so that he can provide you strategic information that comes from domain expertise, research, and experience OR b) get his hands dirty and do the job with you.

That’s all.

Remember: When you showed him his error in his logic, he accepted it. When he accused you, you reminded the times you warned him. Twice. He remembered those times and accepted it. More likely he seemed like he accepted it. Yet he didn’t understand why he should pay his debt. But played the bigger person at his mind and paid his debt.

The problem is, one day he is going to hold a position of power because of his manipulation skills. And that day will be the beginning of a very bad era for the people who he will lead. Lack of love and empathy, need to be respected and recognized, and greed is a dangerous combination, especially if you are lacking thinking skills and/or mental models.

But, it seems, his damage will be so big that; after him, there will be spring with hope to see sunny days again.

01:06 am.

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