Daily Drill #23 – Auto-Answers

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Wednesday, July 24th, 2019
00:29 am, Istanbul

Your mind wants to quit because you give a lot of stress to it in a short amount of time.

  • You started to eat plant-based.
  • You journal every day.
  • You meditate and practice breathing exercises every day.
  • You try to focus on working about 10 hours every day after a long period.
  • You started to do all those things regularly in the last month.
  • Now you are trying to do push-ups every day.

And it started to backfire. Your body reacts with fever and flu-like conditions -in summer. You are having a hard time to focus. There are cracks in your mind and water is about to find its way in. You are hesitating. You know the signs. If you don’t do something about it, you’ll quit in a week. You have been there before. A lot.

And it is not because the weight is heavy.

It is because your mind is weak. It doesn’t matter if it’s stronger than this person or that person. The point is it is weak for your aspirations. It is weak to adapt to that much change in that little time. You either need to lower your expectations from yourself, or be patient.

Hmm. There are other options too…

  • Learn to strengthen your mind.
  • Learn to love the process, so that your body won’t release stress hormones.
  • Visualize so that it won’t feel strange, unnatural or hard anymore.
  • Celebrate.
  • Spend time with trees -if you can’t, just browse nature photos for it produces happy hormones while lowering the stress hormone cortisol.
  • Eat dark chocolate or sugar for happy hormones.
  • Have sex, though you need that life starting energy.
  • Thus quit masturbating at all.
  • Eat more plant-based whole foods.
  • Take plant-based B12.
  • Run/swim for dopamine release instead of push-ups.
  • Spend more time with loved ones.

Hmm… I didn’t need to think or check the web for that list. It just spilled from my mind in a fairly short time. So, I have all the answers. I know what to do.

I can do this.

I love journaling. It’s fascinating how the answer appears automatically.

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